“I was lucky enough to work on Bob's team at my first job after college for a year and a half. In that short time, he helped me progress from an intern to a Marketing Coordinator to a Marketing Specialist, and the insights I gained from his mentorship have continued to shape my career today.

Bob has a special talent for recognizing the interests and aptitudes of the individuals on his team–for me it was project management and content marketing–and consistently giving them opportunities to grow and shine in those areas. I always appreciated that he consistently communicated how my projects contributed to the bigger picture, and helped me set impactful yet achievable goals.

I have seen Bob's mentorship shine for several other colleagues, as well, so I know I am not alone in saying that he is an incredible coach, mentor, and leader."

Emma Galdo,  Training & Documentation Manager, iClicker

“Bob is the best hire I've ever made. I was the President of WetFeet, a venture-backed early-stage company that worked with student job seekers, college career centers, and employers to help make the recruiting process work better for all concerned. We were at a critical stage of the business when we hired Bob—we had just raised a large round of venture capital, we had a small team of very smart but inexperienced staff, and we had a need to develop and scale our team and services quickly.

Bob was particularly skilled at developing young employees—many former employees think of the time they spent working under Bob as one of the best and most formative work experiences they've ever had. I personally feel that Bob set such a great example of how to be an excellent manager that it continues to influence my work today."

Steve Pollock, Co-founder & President, Wetfeet

“I worked with Bob at two different companies. He has always been one of my biggest champions and provided guidance and direction when I needed it most. Bob is one of those managers who instills confidence in his employees. He creates a safe environment for his employees to express their ideas freely. He is collaborative and purpose driven in his approach to problem-solving. I wish I had met Bob many years earlier straight out of school because he could have helped guide my career path faster and saved me a few steps along the way! "

Sangita Patel, President, Reading Rainbow

“My first interview, internship and professional position were all with Bob. I had hardly an idea what marketing involved but Bob made it sound interesting and fun so I went for it. While I was thrust into a world that was unfamiliar to me, Bob was able to recognize my strengths and push me towards tasks that I would excel and learn in—data analytics, a strength that is now my full time job."

Carder Labrake, Data Analyst, Humana

“Bob is an excellent general manager, executive coach, and mentor. He develops a fun, results-oriented team to build a great business. I had the good fortune to work with Bob early in my career and I'm very thankful for the coaching and mentorship that he provided."

Ben Chuba, Vice President at DocuSign

“I had an excellent experience working closely with Bob at WetFeet. He was a very thoughtful coach on the job and a valuable mentor more broadly. He was uniquely able to help me identify and nurture my own strengths... this helped me not only in the near term, but also over the long haul. He was instrumental in helping me create project and career success!"

- Brian Hilger, Senior Director, Microsoft


"I worked for Bob many years ago at WetFeet, and I still consider him one of the best managers I've ever had. He's an intuitive leader, and he is especially skilled at motivating people and building a strong, collaborative team. He's also adept at driving a group of people towards specific goals. And, most important of all, he's a good listener and a kind person. "

- Ann Grodnik-Nagle, Program Manager, Aptium