Whether you are seeking an internship or your first big job out of college, we know the process can seem overwhelming. At Austin-based Career MatchPoint, we have created a career coaching program that is organized and practical—and designed to help you succeed.

How does it work?  We start by getting to know you. More importantly, we help you get to know yourself better. We guide you through a process to develop the self-awareness, skills, experiences, and personal resources to successfully launch your internship or first career.

We’ll craft a personalized action plan and help you execute that plan. Throughout the process, you will sharpen your skills and broaden your experience base. You’ll network. (a lot!) You’ll polish your personal brand. You will make progress all along the way. After each working session, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, confident that you are one step closer to achieving your early career goals.


Explore your skills and experiences and where you want to go professionally


・Assess skills, aptitudes, and strengths
・Analyze personal network
・Review academic major and coursework
・Evaluate leadership experience
・Explore values and goals
・Assess personal brand (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.)

Focus your efforts


・Complete skills inventory & portfolio
・Define career criteria
・Research career options
・Network (alumni, Linkedin, etc.)
・Explore campus opportunities
・Leverage campus career resources
・Attend career fairs
・Research companies and jobs

Build and refine your skills, experiences, and network


・Create career action plan
・Develop and refine portfolio
・Refine personal brand (resume & LinkedIn  profile, etc.)
・Enhance network
・Hone baseline skills
・Create internship plan
・Volunteer opportunities
・Join organizations
・Practice interviewing
・Complete internships and service projects
・Build references

Launch into your first job and thrive

・Create job application & networking plan
・Update resume & LinkedIn profile
・Enhance portfolio
・Draft preliminary interview list
・Write cover letters
・Prepare for interviews with targeted feedback
・Apply for positions
・Interview prep and feedback
・Negotiate job offers
・Complete career jumpstart plan


Through our personalized, results-based coaching process, college students and recent grads develop the skills, network, and experience necessary to thrive in their internships and early jobs out of college.