Career Center Spotlight: Colorado College Career Center

Focus: Career counseling services for all students at Colorado College with special tracks by class year. In their freshman year, students work through assessments with a self-reflection focus to flesh out interests, values, and lifestyle goals and connect with alumni for informational interviews. Sophomores schedule 4-6 hours in the Center to work on utilizing strengths, practicing interview skills, networking, and coming up with an internship search strategy through a coaching session, an alumni informational session, and an industry of interest event to lead to the ultimate goal of an internship. Juniors continue building their network and finding a second internship. The Rising Senior Symposium includes a full day in May spent with peers and alumni developing a strategy to make the most of the upcoming summer and senior year so that students feel ready to take on the world when they graduate. The Center’s goal is to have each student complete two internships during their four years.

Size of Career Center Team: 4 career counselors, including 1 pre-law advisor and 1 health professions advisor

Center Director: Megan Niklaus

Services Provided:

  • Career Assessment: Jobzology
  • Career Research: Career research library, online tools, informational interview training
  • Graduate School: The Center has a health professions and pre-law advisor

Unique Programs:

  • Dynamic Half Block - a 9-day career-specific curriculum focusing on values within the career search process including risk & resiliency, design thinking, interdisciplinary/intersectional careers, and mindfulness
  • Rising Senior Symposium - 1 day conference to prepare students for senior year and transition to jobs
  • Tiger Trek - a program that arranges student tours of major cities to highlight prominent alumni and potential career paths

Software Tools Used:

Handshake -  Student & Employer Connection

Gradleaders  - Campus Recruitment Network

Candid career - Career Advice

Bob Carlton